Translating Information

The Role of a Presenter: More than Just Speaking

One of your main roles as a presenter is to TRANSLATE.

Think of the times as a presenter you’ve found yourself laden with a mountain of information (unorganized data, statistics, random facts, lists, etc.)

Your job is to TRANSLATE all that information into USEFUL KNOWLEDGE.

Imagine a jar full of thousands of pieces of confetti (information). Mixed into that confetti are a dozen metallic chips (knowledge). Put a magnet against the jar and suddenly the chips leap against the glass, separating themselves from the confetti.

All audiences want the chips, not the confetti.

Chips tell your story. TRANSLATED, they add up to your theme, your message, your bottom line.

This is how you turn a jellyfish into an arrowhead.

We call the consistent ability to draw knowledge from information WISDOM.


Speaking with Wisdom: The Mark of a True Leader

Great TRANSLATORS can derive WISDOM from chaos.

Speak in the voice of WISDOM and you’ll be seen as a leader every time.

Next we’ll look at common presentation mistakes and what you can do to avoid them.