Persuasive Presentations

The problem with most presentations is that people talk too much about themselves (or their companies) and too little about what they can do for the people listening.

Most of us have made this mistake.


The Persuasive Presentation Is Not About Us – It’s About Them

The vast majority of people care more about their own case than anything we can possibly tell them about ourselves.

It’s a simple fact of human nature.

Let’s say, for example, you’re in a bake-off with a competitor for a big chunk of business. Typically, the prospective client or buyer doesn’t care how great we think we are, or how cool our technology is, or how neat our product or service is.

Most often, she just cares about whether we can help her and her company make money, or save money, or both.

What does she want to hear?

She wants to hear actual evidence – anecdotes, stories, narratives, histories, data — that demonstrate why you and your company are better or different.


It’s All About the Audience

And while you’re thinking about the audience, remember that most people would prefer to hear a useful tutorial than a hard-core sales pitch.

So be prepared. Know the facts about the company and the industry. Then instead of a puff piece and conventional sales exercise, you can get closer to your audience by talking about missed opportunities and suggesting helpful solutions.

They’ll appreciate it — and you’ll have a better shot at landing the order.

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